5 tips to stay shape in winter

The arrival of winter goes hand in hand with that of fatigue and viruses! However, a few good reflexes can help to stay in shape despite the season. Sun, food, sport, sleep… An overview of the good habits to adopt to be in good health this winter.

Start by resting

This may seem obvious, but the first key to staying in shape is sleep. This is an essential condition so that you do not feel tired during the day, because winter will particularly weaken your defenses. Restful sleep lasts between 7am and 8am for most adults. 

A sleep repairman also begins before midnight , otherwise the body can not recover completely from his day to fight against the cold. It’s a virtuous circle: good sleep leads to a lighter day, which will make your sleep easier, and so on!

Go to the gym!

If you’ve ever hesitated to take a subscription to the gym , this is perhaps the moment.

The advantage of the room is that you can work there different parts of the body and thus avoid the muscle weakness that often sets in in winter. Not to mention that seeing the world and not remaining isolated is essential to feel good. Going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week is enough, so it’s a good habit for young active people.

Focus on serotonin

Do you know about serotonin? The winter blues often come from a drop in this hormone which regulates mood and which is nicknamed “the hormone of happiness”. The best way to produce it? Exercise regularly! 


The human body needs vitamins to function, especially vitamin D, which is mainly found in the UV rays produced by the sun.

The therapy can not bring you the UV necessary for your good health. This practice consists of exposing yourself to an artificially produced light whose signature is close to that of the sun. Its contribution intervenes on your biological clock . It is indicated to fight against depression and sleep disorders by activating the immune system and cell growth. You can practice it at home using portable devices, or during medical consultations with specialists .

Eat a balanced diet

Recharge your batteries with a balanced diet !  Vary the dishes, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day : eat vegetables at will, but limit yourself to 2 fruits, because their sugar intake is significant. Don’t forget vitamins, fat sparingly, protein and starches!

Think about food supplements

Despite all these precautions, a little outside help can be beneficial and reassure you. Even if food supplements are most often recommended in the event of a deficiency, it is not uncommon for even healthy people to take a cure. Magnesium, omega-3, vitamin D, royal jelly… the ideal is to seek advice from a health professional to find the most suitable supplement.


Also think about essential oils ! Eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, peppermint oils… Again, find out well in advance. Essential oils are a health benefit only when used sparingly and in the right way. Some are to vaporize, others to burn or to take in tea, just be careful of the overdose.

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