How much does bankruptcy advertising cost a company? The 6 tips to avoid catastrophe.

When it comes to advertising, it often happens to focus only on the investment costs of an advertising campaign, yet the loss in terms of resources, time and new revenues should not be underestimated when the strategy does not convert.

The most recent case is certainly the one linked to the Peloton exercise bike, against which social media have expressed themselves with comments ranging from “sexist” to “dystopian”. The ad shows a woman who, after receiving her husband’s Christmas gift, trains for a year, filming herself during this period and then showing him the videos in question. But the message that reaches the social world is negative and starts the debate on physical fitness and couple dynamics. As a result, the company recorded a 9% drop on the stock market.

From this example it is clear how the investment cost for the company in question becomes truly marginal. What to do then? It is essential to plan each campaign properly, giving the right weight to every step of the communication strategy – from identifying the ideal target to selecting the most suitable channels – and putting in place the most effective plan to achieve sales objectives and reduce the risk of failure of your campaign.

So, to avoid catastrophic results, here are a series of essential tips to follow when you want to develop a successful online campaign:

Identify your ideal target 

A first reason for failure is often having put too much of yourself into it. This is because the goal of a campaign is not personal satisfaction, but generating the interest of one’s ideal target. For this reason, the first thing to do when you have to work on an ADV campaign is to identify the target you want to reach, analyze its relevant characteristics and highlight the needs that the purchase of the product or service in promotion meets for your own. typical consumer. The identification of the target defines the structure of the communication, from the language used to the graphic and image choices, but above all it defines the chords to be touched in the development of the concept.

Clarify your goal

How will the end user interact with the campaign we are going to propose? It is essential to decide the type of engagement we intend to stimulate before deciding how to proceed: with an ad campaign it will be possible to offer the opportunity to request more information, refer to an online booking, allow the download of a content in Pdf or give the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter. This choice is essential to carry out your campaign consistently.

Choose the most suitable channels 

Identified targets and objectives, it’s time to choose the right channels. One of the main problems, because it is the phase in which the customer must be addressed the most, beyond his preconceptions. Each customer has a particular aversion to certain channels, often wants to invest only in Dems because the Native is in his opinion more expensive or asks to develop an SMS campaign because Adwords and Facebook follow them by itself. The choice of the channel, however, must be made in relation to various parameters, first of all the objective that you intend to achieve with the campaign. For example, with Native it is possible to create a strong engagement with users if the goal is branding, but at the same time stimulate actions, whose conversion can be of great quality. On the other hand, with SMS it is possible to convey widespread campaigns throughout the territory, favoring, with the appropriate levers, in-store purchases; but this does not replace targeted actions on Adwords or Facebook.

Studying creativity

Planning everything that revolves around your campaign to perfection would be irrelevant if there wasn’t a strong idea on which to base the campaign itself. It is therefore very important to structure a communication suitable for the channel used, which takes into account the level of attention of the user and which is focused on the result to be achieved. It is essential to talk to the target by stimulating their desire, trying to solve their problems through the purchase of the promoted product or service. Everything in creativity, from the choice of copy to that of images and testimonials, must identify the target and induce it to carry out the desired conversion action. Wrong testimonials, misunderstanding associations of ideas and stumbling blocks are always around the corner.

Plan with care

Creating beautiful creativity and then planning it badly is a waste of time and ideas. This is why it is important to know the online channels on which you choose to act. For example, planning for Email Marketing requires the consideration of many small aspects that can make the difference: not only the choice of the most profiled database, but also the choice of the date and time of sending, the subject and the same format as creativity, which depending on the platforms may be more or less suitable.

Always rely on a professional 

No one would ever think of improvising as a doctor and planning an open heart operation for the next day, for the same reason it is strongly not recommended to improvise an advertising campaign. It is essential to contact a professional who knows how to manage the campaign at 360 degrees and offers a consultancy approach gained through years of experience. Also because a professional knows how to monitor performance and refine the progress of the campaign if something is not working; an improvised person – on the contrary – can only limit the damage at the end of the campaign, calculating how much his desire to experiment independently has cost his company.

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