How to build brand awareness with influencer marketing

The term “brand awareness” means  how well known  and known a brand is in reference to a specific audience.  Brand awareness, in a nutshell, is the awareness that the target has of a name on the market.

The most important aspect of this definition concerns  the concepts  surrounding the process: the basic idea is to make sure that the brand is synonymous with a certain value or concept for the target you want to reach.

In order to find a balance between what the brand’s mission is and how the public sees and perceives it, it is necessary to adopt different strategies, such as:

  • Focus on online content.
  • Create a discussion point with the community.
  • Doing storytelling:  you must never stop to show the product as in a catalog, it is necessary to tell it, narrate it and create a story around it.
  • Working with influencers:  for many it is just a method of gaining visibility by paying people with many followers or a mere waste of time. In reality, influencer marketing can do a lot to improve the brand awareness of a brand, especially if you want to introduce a new product to a specific niche or target.

Influencer marketing is the ability to “influence”, to generate a strategic word of mouth that significantly affects the visibility of a brand and is a concept closely linked to social media, so much so that it is also referred to as a “social influencer”.

Influencers , carefully distinguishing them from the classic “testimonials” of the past,  are real people able to establish a lasting and trusting relationship with their community, based on interests, passions or lifestyles.

To create a real competitive advantage, it is necessary to understand that this new figure is a  valuable resource ,  which must not be chosen only for the number of followers they have, but for the degree of influence they really have, for the universe of values. it supports, for the brand messages it conveys.

Planning an  Influencer Marketing campaign  is not easy. Companies need to beware of numerous pitfalls and carefully evaluate the value of influencers.

The elements to keep an eye on before selecting a profile rather than another are:

  1. The engagement rate of influencers:  In recent years there has been a frightening increase in “fake influencers”. Anyone could declare themselves as such, but with the recent algorithm change, Instagram has hidden the number of Likes to the photos, thus aiming to give greater prominence to the importance of the contents  and not to simple numerical data. In addition to being able to check the validity of macro-influencers, who have an exorbitant number of followers, companies can begin to consider  micro-influencers ,  capable of interacting more with their community and therefore allowing companies a greater return in terms of image and branding .
  2.  Beware of inauthentic partnerships and content:  Marketers should make sure they partner with influencers who have authentic connections to the brand they sponsor, who produce authentic and creative images and videos. It is therefore not correct to choose based on the sympathy or degree of involvement of the community, but also on the basis of interests. If you choose a well-known sportsman, he will not be suitable to create a partnership activity for unhealthy products.
  3. Invite the influencer to respect the law, always reporting collaborations:  Art. 7 of the  Corporate Governance Code , in fact, on the subject of advertising transparency provides that  commercial communication must always be recognizable  as such. In our country all these partnerships between companies and influencers are beginning to be carefully regulated, thanks also to the influence of the American Federal Trade Commission which  recommended the use of recognizable hashtags such as #Ad, #paid, and #sponsored.
  4. Moral clauses:  Choosing the right influencer is really a delicate decision for companies. The influencer, despite having a profitable community, could prove to be a dangerous investment. This is why in addition to  legal clauses , it is good for companies to include   moral clauses in a collaboration contract. If an influencer does something that goes against the values ​​of the brand, it is good to be able to immediately interrupt the relationship with the same.
  5. Massive follower purchase:  Companies must be wary of influencers who buy followers or use different bots to increase the total number of followers exponentially. If you intend to evaluate the honesty and quality of an influencer, you can start with a careful analysis of his followers with tools such as  HypeAuditor ,  IG Audit or Ninjalitics,  which show the monthly and annual trend of a profile, including the sudden increases and the type of engagement they have with the community.

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