The new technologies are part of the daily lives of travelers. Indeed, they are constantly connected, whether it is to find out about a particular destination or hotel establishment, to compare the accommodation offers offered or to consult customer reviews and discuss with other travelers. 

Thus, the various platforms that can be found on the Internet have inevitably become one of the most consulted information sources by travelers and therefore a strategic medium for promoting the customer experience of your hotel establishment online!

How to promote the customer experience of your hotel establishment online?

Your website is an essential tool for promoting the customer experience of your hotel establishment. This is your hotel’s main storefront and is often one of the first platforms that travelers visit to find all the information they need and gain insight into the experience your establishment offers. 

As you will have understood, the more attractive your website is, the more it will arouse the curiosity of Internet users and make them want to make a reservation. You can therefore use high quality photos and videos or even room tours to highlight your establishment, your rooms and all the possible activities to do.

In addition, your website must be as optimized as possible in order to facilitate the purchasing process for Internet users and to encourage them to make an online reservation . Thus, the design of your site must be responsive web, that is to say, it adapts according to the devices used, whether smartphones, tablets, computers. It is important to have easy and clear web browsing since nearly 85% of travelers book their stays from their mobile devices. For establishments that have specific units with a name and not a type of room, it is important that the Internet user can quickly see whether the unit they wish to book online is available or not, as well as an online calendar of the unit is a great option when it is connected to your PMS software. Those who navigate will be able to see the availability of the unit in real time.  

Also, don’t forget that your website allows you to collect information on the individuals who visit your site, to communicate with them directly via your online chat or to do retargeting.


Did you know that your online booking engine is also an interesting tool for promoting your hotel? Indeed, you will have the possibility to personalize it , to choose the content you want to highlight, to create packages and items and even to update your prices. In addition, your online booking engine will be connected directly to your PMS ( property management software ) and your channel manager, which will allow you to simplify your operations and the processing of your reservations .


How to promote the customer experience of your hotel establishment online?

Therefore, keep in mind that your online booking engine must be attractive and efficient if you want to generate more online bookings . Its style and design must be consistent with your website, the information must be complete, precise and available in different languages ​​and different currencies depending on the user.


In hotels, the social networks are real opportunities to capture the attention of potential customers. Indeed, these platforms are consulted on a daily basis and the publication of travel content often arouses the interest and the imagination of Internet users, which could encourage them to book their next stay in your hotel establishment. 


Also, a good strategy on social networking allows you to promote free or pay ways your offers, packages and activities to a wider audience but also to a specific audience you want to reach a specific type of clientele. To reach as many people as possible, you can also use social media to re-share your customers’ content, including their videos, photos and stories . Indeed, it is proven that 74% of travelers use social networks during their stays and almost 97% of millennials share photos,videos and stories of their stays on social networks, so why not take the opportunity to increase visibility of your establishment and interactions between Internet users but also to strengthen your e-reputation ? 

Although the use of social networks has many advantages for your hotel, do not forget to monitor them regularly and respond to positive and negative customer reviews so as not to tarnish your e-reputation .


Do you know about influencer marketing ? This marketing strategy involves working with bloggers and influencers to promote your hotel establishment to a larger audience, but also to gain more visibility online and increase your number of reservations. These influential people have the role of influencing the purchasing decision of Internet users and reassuring them in their purchasing process while remaining as transparent as possible. The goal is not to lie to your audience to gain their full trust, but to share the experience of your hotel. In addition, it is important to mention that 85% of consumers prefer to trust an influencer and follow their recommendations.

Thus, it is essential to define the objectives of your campaign, to set your marketing budget and to properly calculate your return on investment. Also, make sure that the influencer shares the same values ​​as your hotel establishment, that his audience corresponds to the clientele you want to target and that the content produced is consistent with the hotel image before signing a partnership.


 In the hotel industry, the customer experience is very important and is at the heart of the success of a hotel establishment. In the hotel, the guarantee of a good customer experience remains all the same as your PMS software since it includes all the information of the stay and also allows you to coordinate all the departments. Therefore, it is not only necessary to improve your customer experience so that your customers can live it and fully appropriate the experience offered, but also to promote it in an efficient and intelligent way, in particular thanks to the various digital marketing tools .

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