How to write a great blog comment

Block comment is one of the important parts to get traffic on a website. In this article we are going to give you the positive side of blog commenting and how to write great blog comments.

Why do blog posts get such bad press

Comments are often viewed as a spam exercise, and of course if you are a spammer.

However, the downside of the negativity surrounding blog comments is a huge benefit in terms of traffic, engagement, and new connections.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to MARK great blog comments and help drive click traffic to your own website while making new blogger friends.

Well, as mentioned above, it mainly boils down to commenting on spam.

Spam can be a major problem for a blog when it’s disabled, a page looks cluttered, the article appears confused, and even a page appears to be abandoned. And there can be some serious SEO issues if the situation is not addressed.

Help is available however, there are some very good plugins that can help you with this problem.

It will only turn off the worst criminals, you will still get very brief comments, and for some, it’s just not worth the time to create an engaging comments section.

For me, this is a missed opportunity to add what you wrote to add to the conversation.

Having an active and healthy blog conversation at the end of an article you’ve written a lot is a good indication that you’ve done a very good job.

Great content doesn’t guarantee comments

If you don’t get feedback, there are several reasons:

  • The content is not attractive and difficult to read

The solution to this is to use headings to place your text by adding a negative space.

Careful use of bucket brigades to guide readers and further break down the text with pictures and videos

  •  They just don’t see you

The solution that cannot be seen is social networks. Social media is the fastest way to introduce your blog to potential readers who will later appreciate what you’ve written. These are the people who will be writing excellent comments on the blog.

And then the long-term solution is SEO.

For some reason, SEO scares some bloggers in the daylight, although it is actually very easy to do SEO yourself .Or they just manage to master a platform like Pinterest generating traffic and then I just give up on SEO altogether.

The reality is that you need to master SEO and social media.

Just as you are always looking for multiple sources of income, you should look for multiple traffic streams.

  • Are Blog Comments Bad for SEO

There could be SEO issues in the future if you don’t manage your comments. However, these SEO issues should never arise as you should always be careful about what readers are adding or trying to add to your comment section.

Finally it is important to remember that your blog comments must be different from others. Do not copy/plagiarism to other comments.

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