Micro influencers can be useful for any type of e-commerce

Increasingly, it is believed that one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your website is to do so by using influencer marketing. This activity focuses on gaining consumer confidence in a target market through the intermediation of a person who has a certain influence on the consumer himself and can entice him to buy from a particular company.

Generally, when we talk about influencer marketing, we refer to influencers who have millions of followers. But there is an excellent alternative if you own a small e-commerce site: resorting to micro influencers.

Micro influencers have between 1,000 and 99,000 followers. They are called ‘micro’ because their number of followers is lower than the others. Usually, these are influencers who work in niche areas and, as a result, the number of their followers is reduced. Nonetheless, their response rate is quite high.

The owners of e-commerce sites, therefore, can benefit from micro influencers in terms of advertising, traffic and sales, three essential elements for the future of their online shop. How, then, to reach them? Here are Trustpilot’s tips for selecting the most targeted ones and generating excellent conversions.

Create a list of influencers

 It all starts with a spreadsheet that includes the names of all target influencers and their respective contact information. Usually you start by using Google to search for blogs that talk about a certain topic. Then you have to browse the social channels. Based on your target market, you can always search on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Many influencers exclusively use these media channels to share their content.

Once you have found some influencer names, you need to enter them in a spreadsheet along with the following columns: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and e-mail and try to fill each cell with the contact information found thanks to Google. Some tools may be required for email; among these FindThatLead, very good for discovering and verifying the emails of influencers before adding them to the spreadsheet.

 Find the best way to get in touch with them

When you have all the information you need, you will need to formulate a good strategy on how to get in touch with micro influencers. Many e-commerce site owners make the mistake of contacting them for no apparent reason, even using email templates. Nothing more wrong! Influencers hate this approach. Rather, it is preferable to analyze the content shared by influencers and try to understand what they are looking for and what they are talking about, so as to contact them in a targeted way. This type of approach will increase the chances of getting their response.

 Offer influencers something in return

 Once you have established a connection with the influencer, it will be time to offer them something in return. You can’t just ask to be advertised without offering anything in return, otherwise you risk being ignored. So what are the simplest ways to start a collaboration with a micro influencer? Here are some examples from Trustpilot.

• The nvitare influencers to give feedback on their products. One of the most used ways to get an influencer to promote their company is to ask for their feedback on their products. In this case, all that needs to be done is to ask influencers to provide an address or PO box to send their products to. From then on, they will be free to try and comment on them.

• Launch a contest. Influencers want to get noticed! And if there are also prizes up for grabs, they will be happy to participate. This is why promotion contests are so common in joint venture launches. It is the thrill of being noticed combined with the idea of ​​winning a prize.

• Introduce influencers to your audience. Many of the influencers are still building their brands, so they need all the help they can get to make themselves known and spread the word about what they do. If an e-commerce site has a list of visitors or buyers, influencers can be offered the possibility of presenting them in newsletters, in e-mails that are sent to consumers or in other forms of content, in exchange for their advertising. 


In marketing through micro influencers , it’s all a numbers game. The likes of Hunting Bow Lab reported a 30% increase in sales after starting a marketing strategy through influencers. Thanks to this kind of collaboration, it is possible to exploit the reach of those influencers who, despite having a smaller number of followers, have almost the same persuasive power thanks to a targeted targeting and a much more direct relationship with each of them.

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