Top 07 gardening tips for biggener

In urban life, everyone wants a garden of their own. But many of us do not know how to start a great garden. Expert advice, youtube videos, good articles want to find the best solution. This is how we have compiled a list of 05 basic tasks. By following this top 05 gardening tips, you too can easily become the owner of a garden.

Take advantage of your opportunities

Do you want to plant vegetables? Or a herbal garden? Or a flower garden? If you value vegetables or herbs the most on your dining table, try to figure out which one is best for your food list. If you want to cultivate flowers for emotional stimulation, color and fragrance, decide that you want to plant annual flowering plants and cut them with flowers throughout a certain time of the year, plants that you need to change from year to year. On the other hand, perennial flowering plants will survive for many years, but they will only bloom for a very short time of the year. Any choice is beautiful, but they have a different kind of struggle to maintain.

Chooses  the right place

Most vegetables and most flowers require 7-8 hours of full sun per day. Observe throughout the day to determine which spots of the garden you want to plant are surrounded by partial or full sunlight. You can’t grow tomato trees in shady places but many other trees  prefer shady places. So even if your gardening space is shady, there is no reason to despair. This step is very important to ensure the availability of light to your plants. Discuss the characteristics of the tree or ask your local nursery how much sunlight a tree needs.

Clean the garden space

If you want to garden in the ground, this is a great tip for you. Clean the grass cover as soon as possible in the place where you are planning to garden. If you want quick results (e.g., planning to plant it in the spring and get vegetables in the coming summer), cut these. Remove the grass cover, and compost these grasses for later use.

Increase soil quality

The more fertile and loose the soil, the more cultivable the vegetables will be. The same is true of other plants. On the other hand, residential areas require special treatment of the soil, especially when gardening for the first time. Your soil may be too wet, organically malnourished and infertile, or too acidic or too alkaline.

Examine the soil to learn more about your soil. Collect different soil samples for at least two weeks, then you will know for sure what your soil is deficient in and how to meet it.

Pick the right tree

You depend on the climate of your area. Selects plants adapted to land and sunlight. You can go around the internet and gather information to get a better idea about plants.Or you can take the advice of a good guide who has practically experience in gardening.

Adequate water supply

 Usually trees take food in two ways. Day and night. Take it by day with leaves and night by roots. Therefore, it is important to determine the exact time of watering to provide adequate water for the plants. So keep in mind that water is good for the tree as well as giving more water than necessary and harmful for the tree.

Adequate fertilizer system and pesticides

Give more priority to organic manure in determining fertilizer. Use pesticides if necessary to control insects and various harmful insects. Or consult a good agronomist

Finally, You can own a beautiful garden by following the tips above.

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