Top 10 best galettes des rois

Year after year, we are surprised by the creativity of certain pastry chefs who discover exquisite garnishes. We have decided to rank the 10 most galettes des rois pancakes in a perfectly subjective way. Pay attention to your health all the same!

1. Galette des rois with frangipane

Did you really think you saw another top 1 than the frangipane pancake? This is the traditional and exquisite galette which for centuries has known how to stand out with a simply incomparable taste.

Galette des rois with frangipane

2. Galette des rois franc-comtoise

The only region in France to have its own galette, Franche-Comte did not take any risk to secure this silver medal. True to the original recipe, this galette contains a mystery ingredient that changes everything: orange blossom. For amateurs, know that this recipe is the only credible alternative to the traditional pancake.

Galette des rois franc-comtoise

3. Galette des rois with pistachio

The bronze medal of this very official classification goes to the pistachio garnish, competitor of size for the frangipane. Its texture, its original taste and above all its bright color are all the rage on post-holiday tables. The galette des rois pistachio deserves to be associated with a red fruit (raspberry, for example).

Galette des rois with pistachio

4. Galette des rois with chocolate

How not to talk about the favorite cake of children … but also of gourmets: the chocolate one. No wonder to see her enthroned in all the bakeries! When it’s homemade, it’s even more delicious. Small subversive ideas: chocolate-pear or chocolate-hazelnut, here is something to enhance your taste pleasure even more.

Galette des rois with chocolate

5. Galette des rois with salted butter caramel

We could call it “Breton galette”, if the name was not already taken. The salted butter caramel galette is unanimous and has the advantage of being easily combined with a frangipane. It is better to make the caramel yourself with semi-salted butter for an even more appetizing result. And here’s a free tip: walnuts or pecans can make the difference!

6. Galette des rois with maple syrup

It is one of the most underrated ingredients in history. Maple syrup, confined to pancakes and crepes, is however the ingredient that best suits the galette des rois. You can mix it with almond cream, pecans or even chocolate chips for the most Canadian of you.

Galette des rois with maple syrup

7. Galette des rois with speculoos

The small crunchy cookies of the Plat Pays have more than one trick up their sleeve. Excellent for cheesecakes, tiramisus, spread or even alone with an espresso, speculoos have conquered the world of galette des rois. You will find many recipes that subtly combine these cookies with the Epiphany dessert.

Galette des rois with speculoos

8. Galette des rois apples cinnamon

We have reached an interesting stage. The apple-cinnamon galette is a real subject of debate every year. Let’s slice it (no pun intended) and say it’s way better than just a simple applesauce filling. The spicy touch can convince more than one guest, as the taste of cinnamon is reminiscent of mulled wines and gingerbread.

Galette des rois apples cinnamon

9. Galette des rois with pink praline

Are the fat and sugar in the pancake not enough for you? Do you like Lyon? Then the pink praline pancake is made for you. Extremely delicious and sweet, the praline, if it is well cooked, mixes perfectly with the pancake. A small downside, it will be the flavor of the praline completely annihilated by the sugar-fat combo.

Galette des rois with pink praline

10. Galette des rois with lemon cream

Of all the flavors associated with the traditional galette des rois, lemon cream is not the most suitable. If this citrus fruit is of incomparable nobility in pies, or in certain cakes, it is nevertheless more complicated to combine it with a puff pastry. In winter, lemon curd is irrelevant.

Galette des rois with lemon cream

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