What is the best way to index Web 2.0 posts?

I always say that content is king for Google.But creating quality content is often not enough to get a good ranking. It also requires SEO techniques. If you are frustrated because you cannot index your web 2.0  post on Google. For this, I will tell you, what is the best way  to index your web 2.0 post.

Prioritize your SEO On Page optimization

 As “SEO On Page” we understand all the techniques, and strategies that are applied within the Web page to optimize it. I am almost sure that you are already familiar with this concept. But I want to remind you that you must focus on it, as a first step, to achieve an effective indexing of your content.

Effective indexing of your content begins with a good SEO On Page optimization of your website

A good way to start optimizing the content is by choosing friendly URLs, creating an attractive and persuasive title for users. And adding a value to descriptions. These basics of SEO On Page can make a huge difference when it comes to uploading new posts to a website, and ranking them.

Let’s lay down some foundations to continue. Indexing begins with SEO On Page. If not, you will be like a great shoe store that always has its doors closed. no one can buy or see the shoes, because people have nowhere to access them.

Quality content, lacking a good SEO, lags behind search engines. Hidden from your target audience. 


 Lean on ‘Fetch as Google’

Among the multiple functions that Google Search Console has is the option of ‘Fetch as Google’ or ‘Explore as Google’. With which you can give your content a little push, so that they are indexed and positioned quickly.

This option helps you to send the URL you want (of a new content) to the Google index and is very easy to use. First, you need to log into your Google Search Console account. And  search for the ‘Fetch’ option, paste the URL you want to index into the search bar and click on ‘Fetch’.

When Google finds this web address, it will be able to index it. If you have done a good job with your SEO On Page. Which means that the search engine considers the URL you have sent to it indexable.

Squeeze the internal binding

Internal or linked a link building offers many advantages for the content new position.

The best advice I can give you ,that you link what you are publishing to relevant pages within your website. Such as  that have generated the most traffic to your home page or to your blog. For an example, so that Google can track it. And may consider it important.

Of course, dear reader, do not fall into the serious mistake of beginners or those who do not respect a good SEO, linking by linking.

To apply a powerful Link building strategy, you must link the new content to others that are truly relevant to the user . You must be honest and suggest posts that you think may be of an interest to them. Otherwise your content will be considered empty and a poor marketing campaign.

Partner with multimedia resources

The content depth and a quality, it is essential for positioning the new content; I will not discuss that. But do you know what can add to it? Add images, videos or podcasts, among many other multimedia resources you can imagine.

Today, images attract more the public than a long and gray content, and statistics reveal that an average post. With a good indexing and that goes straight with the requirements of search engines.

Also, it is true that users spend more time within a page that offers multimedia resources than in those with the only text. Which gives clear signals to Google that it is interesting and useful for them. In a better classification of your content, and an optimal position in the SERP or results page.

Promote your content on high-traffic sites

Sharing your new content on platforms that generate a lot of traffic is essential to achieve fast positioning. And this is very well applauded as a strategy of SEO Off Page , so let’s take an advantage of it!

Places like LinkedIn, Quora or Reddit are perfect for this. Why not leave a helpful comment for the audience? Make it as an appetizer, and leave your link for them to eat the main dish.

Get external links

External links or backlinks are determining a factor for Google to look at you, the more links you get to your web pages, the better your ranking can be.

This is achieved over a time, as we gain authority in our niche. But an excellent way to start harvesting third-party links is by having some bloggers or influencers link you in their posts or on their social networks. As well as you can get to publish content on third-party blogs, and from them link to your own blog.

Take advantage of social networks

Having a good presence on the Internet through social networks is key to positioning a new content. A Web page no longer works as a hermit site, alone, and cornered.

Now, the trend is to gain mentions, get followers, have many likes and ensure that our content is shared as many times as possible. For this, it is essential to know how to prepare campaigns and publications on social networks.

Social media moves millions of active people every day, so what better place to spread your posts? By positioning content on social platforms, you will attract the attention of search engines. You need to know how to choose which social networks are the best for your business.


Positioning new content quickly is possible, by sending the right signals!

I think the boldest way to quickly index and rank a new content is by learning to understand how search engines crawl pages. By now, you should have a clear idea of this, and you should have learned that the quality of the content is crucial to get a better ranking .

However, I invite you to combine your deep and useful content with the SEO strategies that I have shown you here, since both are essential. Otherwise, you will continue to accumulate good content over and over again, and when you realize it. It is archived in a lot of pages on your blog, but nobody reads it or you get assets.

On the Internet you will find many websites with content that leads the SERP. And if you analyze these pages, you will notice that they have in common an excellent SEO strategy on and off page. Can you do the same? Of course! And the best thing is that with this step-by-step guide, you can achieve it in a record time.

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